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Biting Pear, Best Pear
No eyes,
No ears,
No nose,
No fears,
Just a vaguely malicious looking pear.
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Electric Highway
Blue highway feeling.
Technological state,
Of mind tonight.
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Long Walk
There are three types of people in the world for her:
The ones who run forwards, pining for the future, wanting the next stage of their life to happen already.
Those who sit still, looking over their shoulder at the past, not quite ready to continue with their life.
Then there are those, like her, who walk slowly taking the time to admire the view all around them. Not rushing yet still going on.
If she were to be honest, it's hard not to feel pity for them both. For the one who wants to leave the past behind and for the one who doesn't want to face the future.
She does not like the feeling of pity, it settles within her heart and sits there like a stone.
So instead of pitying them, she gently grabs the past onlooker by the shoulders to haul them upright and snags the wrist of the future seeker as they dash by.
In the moment the two gaze at her in confusion she smiles and tugs them both forward in a silent bid for them follow.
'Come, walk with me.'
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Stone Bridge
Stone bridge where we sat
Never changing nor wavering
Even as people and seasons pass by.
Summer sees you growing warm
Bricks bathing in light
Tolerating children
as they dive into watery depths below.
Autumn blows leaves
of orange, yellow and red
Down upon your stone
Still growing accustomed to cold.
Winter bares down next
Frosting you over
Resilient you stay
Through the harsh snow.
Spring finally arrives
Bringing with it flowers and bird song
Giddy young couples walk over you
All the while your content to watch.
Me? I'll stay upon my seat
Over looking the glinting river
Not once thinking about leaving
My friend for ever so long.
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Names are a mystery better left unsolved,
For a mystery solved is a problem left behind.
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Could Live Like So
You and I are simply what made it out alive from all the 'could be's that once existed for us.
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Faltering Fingers
We wait for love,
As humans tend to do.
I simply sit there,
If love's arm is long enough,
To reach,
My heart.
Sighing, I watch,
As Her slim fingers falter,
Receding back.
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Flown Feather
My heart is feather light,
Blown away with the breeze,
Hurry, catch it before it flees,
And I can't feel anything.
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Helpless Dream
Dream I may be,
Alive I may not,
But I'll wake from this nightmare,
With or without your help.
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Brimming With Knowledge
What is a poem but words,
Written in a way so full of life and meaning,
That the answer is so abstract,
one scarcely knows it at all.
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Wood's Age
They draw closer every day, you know,
As they feel their age follow close behind.
So take the path lost to time,
And keep in stride with the elks and the night.
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Dreamt Forests
They fell from above,
Like tear drops shed by the gods,
They were sharp as swords yet failed to cut,
Instead spread warmness across our skin.
As they landed,
They disappeared,
Deep into the soil we call home,
Sprouting into what they once were,
Though never the same.
So unique,
Yet spawned from humble beginnings,
Were the forests created from fractured dreams.
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Take Your Picture?
Mam', may I please take your picture?
Why exactly would you want to do that?
Well, you see, I'm making a human gallery!
Sadly, I recently found out I couldn't actually put people on show and call it a gallery.
Instead I'm taking photos of people, so I can alternately put them up to for show!
That way everyone will see just how different and special they really are!
Is that so...
Then, yes, you may certainly take my picture.
Just try to get my good side, all right?
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It's my dam by 123ooopo It's my dam :icon123ooopo:123ooopo 1 0
Angels and demons, are what color the pages of legends and scripts.
Black and white feathers fluttering down from the heavens.
White winged angels.
Black winged devils.
These are what we would find described in our history book pages.
But we have over look one of our all so beloved myths.
The wingless, tailless, us.
Angels bring peace.
Devils bring chaos.
We bring both.
Humans can create the most majestic things, but we over look this for our myths that might not, and never could have existed.
We want dreams, not reality.
We want myths.
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Junk Yard, Sort of.. by 123ooopo Junk Yard, Sort of.. :icon123ooopo:123ooopo 0 0



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